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What our patients say about us.

He is exceptional!!  He is my primary physcian and I would not change him for another never ever you. Dr. Oscar Mendez. Mwah

M. Martinez-Rios

Expertise & genuine caring, when I have needed help with diagnosing / caring for a condition, Dr.Mendez does it for me and He takes the time to explain things to you.

Ender Viloria

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Lab Work

Dr. Oscar Mendez MD provides General and Specialty Laboratory Testing Services.  Our lab work services range from routine testing, such as basic blood counts and cholesterol tests, to highly complex methods that assist in diagnosing genetic conditions, cancers, and other rare diseases.

All of our tests are fully confidential and HIPPA compliant. Reliable results are delivered to you within one to two days through e-mail. Those results are made part of your medical records only when you decide.

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Full Women Exam

Dr. Oscar Mendez MD provides women annual exam appointments that allow enough time for a complete physical exam and for patients to discuss all of their questions and concerns with their OB/GYN provider.  Because a gynecological exam is very personal, it is important you feel comfortable with the medical provider of your choice. Women can choose to see the doctor in our office that they are most comfortable with.

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